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Gary Lipscomb (Gary G)

Gary is featured on the songs INDIANA | Judgement Day | What's Goin On.  He has been involved in music with various groups on and off over the past 10 years and is considered an excellent asset to this album! Known for his one of a kind ear for music and talent throughout the region.








Tim Edwards (T-Jamm)

Tim is featured on the songs I'm the Man | Welcome to Reality.  He has always been involved with the music throughout the community & church and is considered the to be one of the best in the Midwest from a vocal innovator.  Known for his insanely amazing adlibs and signature endings! He has been a great asset to the album!



Michael Whitehead (Whitehead)

Michael is featured on the songs We Rollin | Judgement Day.  He has been involved in the rap industry for over 10 years and is looking to make his mark nationally.  Always a loyal friend  Michael is a one of a kind! Truly an asset to this album from start to finish! Michael also owns his own studio where he influences and records many young new talents in the rap industry! Watchout for Whitehead!





Kyle Ivy  (KI)

Kyle is featured on the song HOPE. He is a ridiculously talented singer known for his amazing ability to hit the highs and nail the adlibs.  A unique blend of talent, lyrical ability, and confidence.  Lookout for Kyle he will be releasing a song you must hear very soon!


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